Skate legends wow H.K.!

tony alva christian hosoi ray barbee hong kong hk vans

VANS organized an event featuring skateboard legends Tony Alva, Christian Hosoi, and Ray Barbee that included an autograph session and live performance.

Before the action started, the three pioneers signed posters and greeted guests. Youngsters got in on the autograph session, getting their boards signed by the trio.

Held at Yardbird in Sheung Wan, the Sunday afternoon event included a jam session with Tony Alva and Ray Barbee, along with Vans’ exec Mitch on drums!

The scene outside the venue was almost like a block-party, with veteran skaters and their families in attendance.

For old school skaters this was a dream come true, as each of the three special guests made important contributions to the direction (and popularity) of skateboarding in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

tony alva christian hosoi ray barbee hong kong hk vans

vans hong kong hk skateboarding christian hosoi tony alva ray barbee

After snacking on chicken burgers, onion rings and interesting drinks upstairs, guests packed into the basement to hear the live music.

And we do mean, literally packed!

vans hk address hong kong china sneakers

tony alva ray barbee music band guitar hong kong hk

Because the three skaters represent different generations of skateboarding, a wide variety of individuals from Hong Kong’s skate community turned up.

Tony Alva, Ray Barbee, and Christian Hosoi rock!

    Tony Alva was an innovator, entrepreneur, and provocateur from the early days of skateboarding. His career was vividly captured in the film “Dogtown and Z-Boys”.

    Christian Hosoi was a rockstar of the 80’s skate scene who was an idol to kids of the time, with his flair, hair, and aerial skills. Ray Barbee was an innovator with loads of finesse, who helped to popularize the transition to street skating from vert.

    VANS continues to gain attention and market share

    With a packed schedule of events throughout the year, Vans has risen quickly to become a powerhouse brand in the region. They have gone from relative obscurity, to the point where counterfeiters are attempting to create knock-offs of their shoes – a surefire sign that they’ve made it.

    In Hong Kong, their constant flow of events has allowed them to maintain a high profile both in the media and among trendy consumers around town.

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