“Jeliboo” exhibition opens

jeliboo catherine grossrieder hong kong hk art

Artist Catherince Grossrieder aka Cath Love grew up in Hong Kong and has literally left her mark on the city. If you know where to look, you can find her graffiti around alleyways in Tsim Sha Tsui or even in the hallway leading to Basheer Books in Causeway Bay!

Her new solo exhibition “Jeliboo,” is centered around a curvy new character of the same name.

jeliboo catherine grossrieder cath love hong kong hk

Jeliboo has anatomical proportions even larger than an R. Crumb character and is drawn in part with an 80’s graffiti aesthetic.

The exhibition could be titled “The Great Adventures of Jeliboo,” as many of the works star Jeliboo in the midst of various scenarios.

jeliboo cath love hong kong hk character drawing

From hot-dog vendor to graffiti artist on the run, the images have a friendly, humorous quality, that separates them from just eye candy.

jeliboo catherine grossreider hong kong hk art
Jeliboo makes a run for it after someone called the cops on her putting up a piece!

Take a closer look and you might get let in on the joke. For example, the Jeliboo devil and angel in one frame are actually collaborating on roasting marshmallows, while the gallery entrance features a Jeliboo wearing a “Snacking Tendencies” cap – a riff on Suicidal Tendencies. This type of witty, cartoon sensibility runs through much of her art.

jeliboo character hong kong artist cath love hk

catherine grossrieder hong kong jeliboo hk cath love

The show is only on until Sunday, December 14th, so those interested should try to catch it while they can.

“Jeliboo” by Cath Love, Opening Night

catherine grossreider hong kong hk art artist exhibit painting
Catherine favors 80’s Hip Hop looks. At the opening she sported vintage Cazal frames

Opening night was a major success with many of the original drawings getting snatched up.

The pop-up gallery sits on a corner next to a Hong Kong park. It’s a sleepy area of Sheung Wan, recently popular with foreigners.

po hing fong hong kong sheung wan hk

jelliboo jellyboo cath love catherine grossrieder hong kong

jeliboo catherine grossrieder art comic cartoon

The pricing, which is already friendly for entry-level collectors (many original works go for $1800 HKD,) also takes into consideration other fans of Cath’s artwork with less to spend.

Prints of the artwork are also available starting at $300 HKD, which makes them affordable to most.

In addition, there are Jeliboo sticker sheets for $50 HKD, as well as small items such as jewelry boxes at minimal cost.

“Jeliboo” by Catherine Grossrieder aka Cath Love

From Thursday, December 11th, to Sunday, December 14th, 2014
Six 6 Gallery
66 Po Hing Fong
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

catherine grossrieder jeliboo art hong kong artist

cath love art hong kong hk

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