Shanghai Tang, Nomad of Central!



Faced with losing the lease on their iconic flagship location in Central’s Pedder building, (ousted by an absurd bid by Abercrombie & Fitch,) Shanghai Tang has proven once again that they’re resourceful and innovative.

In a stroke of retailing brilliance, the brand has opened up shop in a series of Mongolian gers (which are large round tents,) on the rooftop of the Lamma Island ferry pier in Central.

Not only interesting to look at, with geometric patterns painted on the sides, the gers also provide a unique and fun shopping experience. Patrons explore by walking from tent to tent, browsing different categories in each, such as women’s wear, men’s wear etc..


The interiors have been immaculately furnished, with great attention to detail, matching Shanghai Tang’s signature style.

Despite a light rain on Tuesday night, there was a large turnout for the opening that comfortably filled the tents with people.


After perusing the merchandise, the majority of guests gathered under a large back tent to socialize and admire the spectacle of the gers surrounded by Hong Kong’s high-rise landscape. Several Mongolian performers roamed about, though they didn’t get to perform a big show due to the rain.

The night was very successful, as was the concept. The gers make the collections easy to digest, and the circular spaces are fun to browse.

The Shanghai Tang Mongolian Village will be open daily until December 31st.

Shanghai Tang Mongolian Village
Rooftop, Lamma Island Ferry, Pier 4 (walking distance from IFC Mall.)
Central, Hong Kong

Open daily until December 31st, 2011

The interior of a ger, cleared out for the opening party

The iconic Shanghai Tang flagship in the Pedder Building

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