Forever 21 ‘Coming Soon’ in Causeway Bay!

forever 21 hong kong store address causeway bay


Fast-fashion retailer Forever 21 is opening their Hong Kong flagship store steps away from the busiest intersection in Causeway Bay. The shop will have six floors, and is located on a pedestrian path that couldn’t be better situated for capturing the neighborhood’s high foot-traffic.

The prime retail location is on the main route between two parts of Causeway Bay, the SOGO department store area, and the Times Square shopping mall side. As if that wasn’t enough, the Forever 21 store is also directly across from exit F of the Causeway Bay MTR station, which guarantees yet another steady flow of traffic throughout the day.

This will be the very first Forever 21 store in Hong Kong, so a high-profile location is warranted. However, it doesn’t come cheap! Forever 21 will be paying nearly $11 million Hong Kong dollars per month in rent.

In six months time you can expect this part of Causeway Bay to become teeming with even more shoppers (if that’s possible!). A short walk away is the new Hysan Place shopping complex that will add a massive amount of prime retail space to the neighborhood. The anchor tenants include a DFS flagship and Hong Kong’s second Apple store.

Forever 21 Hong Kong flagship store

5-19 Jardine’s Bazaar
Capitol Centre
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong (directly outside of Causeway Bay MTR station exit F)



  • Yes, that’s a great idea, although I think I’d rather work at the Genius Bar at the new Apple Store that’s opening up in Hysan Place! 😉

  • This store is not about customer service. It is about cheap price for “in” fashions. The most funny incident is they hire some Asian cashier who do not speak the local Chinese language or any Chinese language for a ” front Line” worker to deal with customers who are 95% Chinese speaking customer. This woman expects everyone to speak English to her and fail to realized that she is working as a cashier in Hong Kong??????????!!!!

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