NYPD – the pizza we’ve been waiting for?


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Last week I hopped on the MTR and headed out to Quarry Bay. My mission was to try out the new pizza place, NYPD (New York Pizza Delivery,) which just soft-launched their first branch in Hong Kong.

I had high hopes for NYPD. The owner had commented on Hong Kong Hustle after reading our post about the city’s lack of New York style pizza. As I walked towards the place I wondered if this could finally be it.

Getting off at Quarry Bay, I took exit B, and rode the escalator down to Finnie Street. From there I took a sharp left, ending up at the far end of a dead-end street. Here, surrounded by auto shops was the low-key NYPD storefront.


Originally founded in Shenzhen, the company recently decided to expand into Hong Kong. Their location in Quarry Bay is a good, low-rent spot, perfect to test out their formula. As Hong Kong Hustle readers know, it’s wise of them NOT to open a place with seating, since the ratio of profit would be tiny considering the city’s exorbitant rents.

Walking into the place, which consists of a counter and a kitchen, I looked up at the menu on the wall and selected the first choice, a 16″ cheese pizza.

Just outside the door is one small table and a few chairs. Since it was an off hour, and no one was there, I decided to try out the pizza on the spot. The pizza was freshly made and only took around ten minutes to come out.


With high hopes I took my first bite. Verdict – pretty damn good! Although the cheese could have been a little saltier, and the tomato sauce a little tangier, overall it was a very enjoyable slice! The crust was a good consistency and the fact that they make normal sized pies (real 16″, and not those sissy gourmet pizzas,) is a huge plus. So far, NYPD is the best Hong Kong has to offer if you’re looking for N.Y. style pizza.

In addition to taste, NYPD also offers a good value compared to other pizza places in Hong Kong. A large 16″ pie is a reasonable $138 HKD. Pizzas also come in 9 inch, and 12 inch varieties. Toppings are reasonably priced as well. A 16 inch “edge to edge” layer of pepperoni goes for just $148 HKD.

If you’re sick of ordering a pizza, only to eat the whole thing and still be hungry, NYPD is for you! (I was stuffed eating just half the pie!)

If you think of a giant slice of pizza on a paper plate with a stack of napkins and a Coke as the perfect meal, you’ll love this place!

Let’s hope that NYPD can stay consistent (hire and retain decent workers,) and can quickly roll out a second location in another low-rent area such as Sai Ying Pun (to start delivering to Central.)

Still in soft-opening…
Right now NYPD is operating in soft-opening mode with reduced hours. Soon it will be open from 10:30 to 10pm at night. I believe they currently close at 8:30. On our initial visit, the staff was friendly and helpful.

I only tried the regular cheese pizza. Most toppings will only cost you $10 HKD to $20 HKD more, which is a bargain. (However, a mixed (50/50) pie goes for $178 HKD.)

NYPD also delivers! Call their number below to find out what their delivery range is.

There’s currently a single table to dine out, so don’t assume that you can sit and eat. (Perhaps a counter that allows people to stand outside and eat would be a good idea.)

This first branch of NYPD is ideal for ordering pizzas ‘to go’ or for pick ups.


NYPD Pizza (New York Pizza Delivery)
G/F, 15 Finnie Street
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
2668-NYPD or 6973

[photopress:NYPD_pizza_address_phone_hong_kong.jpg,full,pp_image] After taking Exit B of the Quarry Bay MTR station, you will proceed down an escalator that drops you off onto Finnie Street. This will be your exact view. Take a left on this street and walk down into the dead end. NYPD will be on your left. Enjoy!


  • Anyone care to compare this to Paisano’s in Sai Kung? Paisano’s has the best traditional pizza I’ve had in HK so far…too bad it’s so damn far!

  • NYPD – “The closest thing you will find to a real greasy, salty, thin as cardboard pizza from NY”… That ish is as real as it gets out here on the Far-East coast… Having tasted pies from the Big Apple, Chi-town, Frisco, and the City of Angels, I have to admit even I was skeptical at first when trying it in Shenzhen for the first time… Now the only thing HK needs is a taco truck and bacon wrapped hot dog cart….

  • damn..i wish this opened a few years back when i was actually working in Quarry Bay. I would have probably ate here 2-3 times a week. it was impossible finding good pizza in HK.

    @JoMama- just adding to that list – grilled hotdogs on the street like they have in Toronto

  • thanks for the write-up. i’m still not happy with the quality of the pizza compared to shenzhen. i do have high standards. working on town gas was new to me. different gas pressure results in different bake. anyway, we launched our new menu over the weekend . the menu consists of more pizzas, hero subs, pasta, salads, and appetizers. (don’t know how to post a menu on here)

  • Thanks for the article – we’ve got offices in Quarry Bay so I will definitely go to check it out!

  • Being a frequent customer to NYPD in Shenzhen and a pizza lover I would have to say that NYPD is the best pizza here in China. I expect that the shop in Hong Kong will do extremely well. Enjoy your new pizza shop Hong Kong!

  • There’s actually a place called Mr. Taco Truck not far from NYPD. Not the most authentic, but pretty good in a pinch. Paisano’s (owned and run by a NYer) is the best NY style pizza I’ve had in HK.

  • I heard there was a taco truck in QB also recently… I think its called ‘Mr. Taco Truck’….

    but the verdict from some people who went to try it was less than positive. 😛

  • Unfortunately, the last time I visited NYPD, the pizza was NOT the same. It seems to have reverted to something more like a Pizza Hut style pizza. I can’t say it’s one of the better pizzas in H.K. anymore.

    If you’re craving a N.Y. style slice, the closest thing is now Paisano’s on Lyndurst Terrace in Central.

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