How to make a Tsui Wah waiter smile?


Order a milk tea champagne!

There are two Hong Kong companies that continually impress me. One of them is Lane Crawford (they seem to do everything right!) and the second is Tsui Wah. A few months ago, Tsui Wah added a brand new drink to their menu. It’s fun, smart, and perfectly suited to Hong Kong.

Called milk tea champagne, it arrives at your table in a bottle wedged in a bucket of ice! The drink combines two local favorites, Hong Kong style milk tea with the city’s predilection for champagne.

It’s a great example of knowing your audience and tailoring a new product with precision. For a little background, champagne is extremely popular in this town, perhaps because of its traditional association with wealth. It’s a common choice for any ordinary night out.

The presentation of champagne milk tea is perfect, as it comes chilled in a special crystal-like bucket of ice. (What next sparklers?)


Simply ordering one will bring a smile to your waiter’s face! It’s a fun, affordable, not to mention delicious gimmick at $18 HKD (a little over $2 USD).

The only tricky thing is how to open it! The bottle has an old-fashioned stopper, which leaves us sophisticated urban folk a little confused!




  • Tsui Wah has been my favorite restaurant in HK for a long time. But the service and food quality really ranges from location to location. I personally like the one in Jordan. I tried the new one in Mong Kok – the food was good, but the service was HORRIBLE.

  • Hi Carl, I walked by the new Tsui Wah on The Peak a few days ago. It was packed! I’ve gotta try it some time soon.

    It’s interesting to note that Tsui Wah stopped serving tea by default. Have you noticed? They give it to you if you ask, but you need to ask. I suppose this cuts waste and leads to more drink sales.

    It seems that there are at least two kinds of Tsui Wah restaurants. One is a little bit fancier… things are served differently. I like the less fancy one better!

    My favorite is still the Central location. 😉

  • Hi!
    I’m visiting HK really soon and was wondering, with this unique type of bottle, do they allow you to take it home? Or will the restaurant reclaim it?

  • Hi Mel,

    They won’t let you keep the bottle… they just serve it in the bottle (and then re-use it.)

    It’s not a particularly nice bottle, but the overall taste and presentation is what makes it fun!

    Watch out – that’s loads of caffeine in it! 😉


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