$38HKD salads from a Michelin chef delivered to your office? Yes!



Michelin star chef Alvin Leung (the ‘Demon Chef’ behind Bo Innovation,) has crafted a menu of unique salads for a new business called Beautifood.

Rather than operate out of a high-rent location, Beautifood offers salads delivered directly to your home or office. Made in small batches to ensure quality and freshness, only 250 salads are produced each day.

Beautifood offers both modern takes on old favorites, as well as innovative flavors derived from traditional Chinese ingredients. The choices include: the Iconic True 8 Chef Salad, the Salty ‘Ling Mut’ salad, the Demon Black Caesar, the Mandarin Nicoise, and the Green Salad.

With ingredients like black garlic, and flavors like salty ‘ling mut’, these aren’t the typical salads that make healthy eating boring and tasteless.

Additionally, Beautifood makes it easier to eat healthy in Hong Kong’s fast-paced environment. The concept allows customers to pre-order salads to be delivered to their office, thus avoiding the hassles normally associated lunch time in crowded areas like Central and Causeway Bay.

Not only are the salads designed to be flavorful, but they contain healthy ingredients that are meant to make you feel good and look good too (hence the name!)

[photopress:beautifood_salad_alvin_leung_demon_chef.jpg,full,pp_image] Iconic True 8 Chef Salad

[photopress:beautifood_salad_hong_kong_HK.jpg,full,pp_image] Salty ‘Ling Mut’ Salad

[photopress:beautifood_alvin_leung_bo_innovation.jpg,full,pp_image] Demon Black Caesar

[photopress:best_salad_in_hong_kong_beautifood.jpg,full,pp_image] Mandarin Nicoise Salad

Reasonably priced at an introductory $38HKD per salad, you can even order directly from Beautifood’s Facebook page! Although there’s currently a minimum order of five salads for delivery, the price is reasonable enough to share with a few colleagues or friends.

For those who need an extra incentive to eat healthy… from now until February 17th, Beautifood has teamed up with Joyce Beauty, and will be offering a perfume sample from French luxury fragrance designer Annick Goutal along with each order. (Further, if you purchase four salads, say for your office, you will receive a shopping voucher for Joyce Beauty.)

For more information, and to check out their salads, head to the Beautifood website, or Facebook page.

Keep in mind that for the time being, you need to pre-order your salads to have them delivered, as there is no same-day service. Also remember that there is a five-salad minimum order.


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