The frozen yogurt explosion!


Yo Ma Ma is coming to IFC mall!

Just in time for summer, there’s a wave of new frozen yogurt places opening around town. The snack / dessert has been experiencing a revival in other big cities around the world, lead by Red Mango and Pinkberry. Though neither of these chains have made it to Hong Kong yet, frozen yogurt stores are multiplying from Shatin to Soho.

What’s with the new craze?

Frozen yogurt isn’t anything new. The snack has been popular since the 80’s and has experienced surges of growth since then. It’s usually touted as a healthier alternative to ice cream. In the advertising for their yogurt for example, Yo Ma Ma mentions that yogurt is “virtually fat free,” a “good source of calcium,” and “good for digestion”.


But there’s another secret to frozen yogurt’s success – toppings! Let’s face it, toppings are fun! The ability to customize your dessert makes the whole process of ordering frozen yogurt interactive. It also keeps something mundane interesting. (Most of the places only offer between two and five flavors of yogurt. In contrast, they offer around twenty toppings!) On a return trip you can try a different combination of yogurt and toppings. The varieties are endless, even if the yogurt flavors are few.

Toppings seem to fall into two categories, healthy stuff such as granola and fruits, or more sinister pleasures such as gummy bears and other candy options. (Eating frozen yogurt for being fat free and then loading on candy is sort of like people ordering a diet soda and a bucket of fried chicken!) Oh well, it tastes great!

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is ice cream. Ask for a sample if you’re unsure about which flavor to go with. What I’ve tried so far tastes like yogurt which is slightly tart (it tastes healthy!) Several of the stores change flavors daily, keeping an original flavor, consistent.



G/F, 41-43 Graham Street (just below Hollywood Road)
Central, Hong Kong


G/F, 46 Elgin Street (close to the escalator)
Central, Hong Kong


Yo Ma Ma
G/F, 16 Wing Fung Street (intersects with Star Street and borders Pacific Place Three)
Wanchai, Hong Kong
IFC Mall branch coming soon (at the former location of Ben & Jerry’s near City Super)

Best Berry
2/F. Shop 217-218, Metro Plaza
223 Hing Fong Road
Kwai Fong, New Territories

Best Berry
5/F, Shop 509, New Town Plaza, Phase 1
18 Shatin Centre Street
Shatin, New Territories


  • urban eatery on lyndhurst terrace is also very good, but yo ma ma is closer to the office

    i’ve recently relocated to HK from CA and I’ve been missing some PINKBERRY and YOGURTLAND joints. AHHHHH, you’ve made my day! THANKS

    i just found your site while googling: VINTAGE STORES in HK

  • Yogo Frozen has the best yoghurt in town.

    I have tried Yoghurtime, Berry Good, Yomama and Crumbs.
    Crumbs was the most disappointing out of all, as I’d seen rave reviews about it – true that their stuff is silky smooth but overly sweet kills the sustained tasting over time.

    There used to be another burger joint serving frozen yoghurt in Central tho (now called bassment cafe) and it still tops my list – even above Yogo Frozen.

    I tend to find Yomama’s stuff too stiff, almost to the extent of tasting the ice granules on your tongue, same with Berrygood but not that extreme,
    Yoghurtime is on the sweet and creamy side

  • Is yogurtime a scam?

    Its stores don’t open per stated times, they don’t accept their own vouchers and they don’t respond to complaints

  • Red Mango just opened up in Hong Kong last week…71 Wellington Street. So far, I think it is the best Hk has to offer. Lots of toppings and the yogurt is not too sweet. Has a really good texture.

  • Red mango is going to open in MegaBox, near my office. I tried it once when i was in Central. Its great with unlimited toppings, glad that its opening near me!

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