Bizarre moments at H.K. events? Yes!


Models – check; DJ – check; dancers – check; Predator – WTF?

One of the small pleasures of attending events in Hong Kong are those moments when you spot something unintentionally ironic, humorously inappropriate, or totally absurd.

The intended atmosphere of the event is suddenly pierced by something random that just doesn’t fit, or is simply inexplicable.

I was reminded of this phenomenon recently while attending a hair show.

A short way into the production, a person dressed as Predator (from the Arnold Schwartzenegger film of the same name,) took to the stage. For the next twenty minutes he cavorted around, at first with a d.j. and dancers, and later sharing the platform with models during a live hair styling demonstration.


It’s moments like this where you find yourself scratching your head, wondering what the organizer was thinking.

But there’s one benefit to these intrusions – they make an otherwise average event fun and unforgettable!



  • hahaha, Predator must have a different cultural meaning here than in the States. It does have pretty dreads though. it kinda make sense.

    Btw, is this the guy that was at the AnD Halloween party?

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