Kim Young Ill tonight at Diesel!



The artist known as Suitman is at it again. Famous for his iconic portraits in a stiff black suit, and a flair for creating cool installations, (such as his bodega booth and his colorful portable sound system,) Suitman is back with an entirely new character – Kim Young Ill.

Modeled after North Korea’s reclusive leader (Kim Jong Il,) Kim Young Ill will host a live talk show at the Diesel flagship store tonight, as well as oversee a special photo and video exhibition.

Based on his past performances, the event should be unique!

The invitation also boasts special guests, free food, and “lots of alcohol”.

Kim Young Ill

Friday, May 28th, 2010
Diesel Planet Store
20 Queens Road Central
Central, Hong Kong

7 to 9pm, FREE!

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