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Volar closing for renovations

The smell of spray paint was in the air as guests paid their last visit to the old Volar in Hong Kong’s Lan Kwai Fong nightlife area. The club, which recently celebrated it’s 8th anniversary, is closing for a major renovation.

xxx hk hong kong club bar dj new address

XXX is moving!

XXX, the alternative music space that shook up the Hong Kong scene and became the de facto home to all sorts of music outside the mainstream, is continuing its mission at a new address.

galas club hong kong hk grand opening

Inside Club Gala’s grand opening!

Hong Kong’s newest club opened with a splashy launch on December 20th, featuring not just the usual flowers and celebrities, but also a street lined with Ferraris!

Roy Ayers Louie Vega dragon-i 10th anniversary di hong kong club

Roy Ayers + Louie Vega Tuesday!

Dragon-i is putting on a series of major events to celebrate their 10th anniversary. The first is happening next Tuesday, November 20th, and will feature the amazing Roy Ayers, an extremely influential figure across five decades of music.

racks hong kong pool billiards address 2f 46-48 wyndham street

Racks returns! A sneak peek inside!

Stepping into the new Racks MDB was like seeing an old friend again. The same unpretentious vibe, good music, and international crowd that made…

Happy Birthday XXX!

Despite a far-away location, no liquor license, and a bathroom that made Racks seem classy, XXX Gallery, a music-centric club, has thrived over the…

midnight and company bar

Midnight & Co. (The new Yumla!)

With Hong Kong’s high rents and unsympathetic landlords, we thought that Yumla, the small music club perched just above Lok Hing Lane Park, would…

Soulful sounds from Chicago!

Rising from the ranks of Chicago’s party scene to become a frequent guest at in-the-know clubs around the world, DJ Rahaan will be demonstrating…


Racks isn’t dead, it just passed out!

Racks MDB, the casual, unpretentious nightspot that brought billiards and beer pong to Central’s nightlife, is set to close its doors this weekend. After…

D.J. Spinna at Dragon-i, Tuesday!

Legendary music man D.J. Spinna, christens the new sound system at Dragon-i on Tuesday night. The talented New York-based producer is respected equally in…

Aura Club and M-88

[photopress:M_88_Wellington_Street_HK.jpg,full,pp_image] Last night I stopped by the soft opening of Aura, a new club located on the sixth floor of M-88 at 2-8 Wellington…

Miskeen party feat. Pras from Fugees

[photopress:Miskeen_Model_Painted.jpg,full,pp_image] The body as a canvas; the t-shirt as art Thursday night I stopped by the launch party for the American brand Miskeen. Originally…

D.J. Cash Money returns to Dragon-i!

[photopress:DJ_Cash_Money_Dragon_i_HK_2.jpg,full,pp_image] I was attending a birthday party at HALO on Wednesday night, so I arrived at Dragon-i towards the end of d.j. Cash Money’s…

Funky drummer Luisito Quintero at Dragon-i!

Saturday night at Dragon-i featured a stage crowded with drums for Luisito Quintero, the man behind many of Louie Vega’s incredible beats. [photopress:Luisito_Quintero_Dragon_i.jpg,full,pp_image] Luisito…

D.J. Missill strikes Volar!

Volar continued its procession of international music talent last Thursday with the return of the charismatic d.j. Missill. DJ Missill rocking Hong Kong club…

halo hong kong hk bar lounge face recognition

Face recognition at HALO – H.K.’s newest bouncer?

Imagine walking up to the newest hot-spot and instead of being greeted or (in some cases,) intimidated by the burly bouncer, you simply look into a small monitor tucked neatly into a wall. A computer instantly analyzes your face, and decides whether to authorize entry – thereby sliding the door open, or reject you.

World Cup Fever!

As a former British colony, in addition to inheriting a love of the Rolls Royce, Hong Kong inherited a love of “football” from the…