Cubic, Macau’s international night spot



Top tier d.j.s have a new stop on the regional party circuit. Over the last six months Cubic has established itself as the prime dance music venue in Asia’s casino town. The club has done what most people thought was impossible – bring a cosmopolitan clubbing experience to Macau.

Which two big name d.j.s do they have coming next?

Better music
Cubic has set itself apart primarily through music. The international d.j.s that Cubic has hosted include a good variety of up and coming and established talents. Recent d.j.s that have passed through include Sancho Panza, The Bublebeez, and Wally Lopez. There are hints that this is only the beginning.

Over the next two weeks, Cubic will host popular d.j.s, A-Trak (on May 22nd,) and Fatman Scoop (on May 29th).


A-Trak is the influential d.j. for Kanye West who is known for playing a cutting-edge blend of Hip Hop and electronic music. He specializes in the multi-genre hybrid of today’s club sound. Fatman Scoop is a Grammy award winner and master of Hip Hop party cuts. His voice can be heard on countless dance floor hits and remixes.

A cool crowd
Guest d.j.s at Cubic draw a who’s who of Macau, including the city’s nightlife crowd as well as top casino entertainers and execs. Lured by the music and the thrill of a new venue, Hong Kong people have also been making the trip. Celebrities who rarely party in Hong Kong’s clubs have been spotted on the dancefloor at Cubic!


With big-name international d.j.s, a diverse crowd, cool lighting, and a good-sized dance floor, Cubic offers a fun atmosphere and a good alternative to just another night in Hong Kong.

2/F, AIA Tower
Nos. 251A-301 Avendia Commerrcial De Macau

Cover charge varies depending on the the d.j. and time of the night etc. (The door fee also includes 2 standard drinks!) Free entry for Cubic members.

For more information email: [email protected]
Or call Joel at +853 6638-4999


  • Cubic isn’t members only. It’s possible to get in without a membership. There appears to be a cover charge on some nights and none on other nights. That makes sense considering the caliber of D.J.s they are bringing. I guess you can always email them or call them at the number above to get more information on membership or events..

  • Thanks for the intel. I don’t really live in HK, but when I visit, I make it a point to enjoy the nightlife. But sometimes I really have to work my connections to get into some of the more exclusive places. That might be a blog topic worth posting about. Whether or not the concept of “members only” clubs are worth it and how it effects the clubbing landscape. There’s also social aspects about it since it’s often used as a tool to weed out the “MK” crowd. I enjoyed your posting on the rave scene, so I’d be interested to see what your take on this is.

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