Krump Kings descend on Dragon-i!


Saturday night Dragon-i played host to the Krump Kings. Krumping is a dance movement that began in L.A. and was documented and internationalized by the 2005 movie Rize which follows the dancing form. The Krump Kings are a pioneering dance group that were featured in the film. What does Krumping look like? Check out the video!

Krumping is aggressive, explosive and a little bit chaotic. It almost looks like the dancer is battling themselves. This was Hong Kong’s second exposure to this style of dance. In 2005, Edison featured the originators of krumping, The Clowns, at his concert. You can read about that event here.

On Saturday night a stage was assembled at D.I. allowing the crowd a better look at the moves. After a short introduction the dancers did their thing, taking turns showing off their skills.

Here’s a look at their performance!


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