Prada event

The Prada shop in Central

I attended an in-store event for Prada on Thursday. They were launching a new line of handbags for Spring / Summer 2006. It was an early event from 6pm to 9:30. The d.j. played a good set of old soul music, jazz, and some alternative or underground R&B. The response to the music – from both Prada and the audience – was good. You definitely need a more sophisticated d.j. for events like that. You can’t have some moron playing uptempo house or lame Pop music, it just doesn’t suit the occasion.

After attending many shows for top fashion brands over the years, it amazes me how unsophisticated their taste can be when it comes to music. You spend so much time building a brand, and your image can be lowered by a lame event. I’ve been to some shows that played the worst, most banal music.

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