Nadia’s exhibition

Nadia and artwork

My good friend Nadia just finished a collection of 100 cards titled – The Diary of Destiny. I guess it’s more like a ‘deck’ of Destiny. Each card has a drawing that has something to do with what is going on in the person’s life. The drawings are very interesting and complex. Nadia organized an exhibition of her cards, and of other recent work she’s been doing the last few months. I should mention that Nadia’s also famous in Hong Kong as a spiritual advisor – for being an empath.

Although I don’t normally believe in that stuff, on several occasions she’s mentioned things to me – matter of fact, that have been totally on my mind!

Nadia also has a cool private lounge in Central that is located in an old building from the 1930’s. It’s one of the few old buildings left. The great thing is that it has nearly all of its original fittings and has never had a total renovation – so much of its charm remains intact. The vibe is laid back, and it attracts more of an artistic crowd. It occupies two floors, and on the top floor there are musical instruments that people can pick up and play. It’s a fun spot to get away from the main party scene.

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