Club Cubic: Macau goes upscale!



Let’s say you’ve just had a great night at the casinos and you want to celebrate with your friends by going out to a club and partying like a Rock star, or better yet, a Hip Hop star. Before you can pop open the bottles, you need a place to go.

The Moet champagne bar that I wrote about on my last visit, was a temporary affair. Your other choices are limited to the bars at the hotel / casinos, and a handful of mass-market spots with unpredictable crowds. You’re looking for a place with music, dancing and partying, not a quiet lounge with people sipping drinks. You also want to avoid the seediness that often taints Macau’s nightlife.

Welcome to Cubic!

For starters, Cubic couldn’t be more centrally located. It’s inside the AIA Tower at the very end of Macau’s main strip.


Not only is it conveniently near the Wynn, MGM, Emperor, and Lisboa casinos, it’s also just a short taxi ride away from the Cotai strip, which is home to the Venetian and other new attractions.

Situated on the second floor, Cubic is a two-story space with high ceilings. The first level includes a dance floor, circular booths, a small stage for dancers, a secondary room, and a VIP area next to the d.j..

The space is a good size – not a mega-club, which would always require a large crowd, but big enough that it won’t get packed right away.

The main room has several slightly elevated booths that give off a sense of privacy and create a party-within-a-party vibe.


The club uses an advanced lighting system with different color lasers shooting down from the ceiling.


The layout is good and the lights add an additional element to the environment. The decor of the club is understated, with interesting touches.


The second room, off to the side, is dark and cozy.

[photopress:club_Cubic_Macau_nightlife.jpg,full,pp_image] (the room is much darker during club hours!)

I spent a short time here and it seems like a fun, intimate place to drink with a table of friends. Each of the areas has its own personality, which makes the club all the more interesting to patrons. The karaoke rooms upstairs, which can be accessed by a separate staircase, are lush, and much nicer than Hong Kong’s. The rooms vary in size, but are equally well appointed.

Club Cubic’s grand opening

Opening night began with the celebrity guests (top model Ana R., TVB personality Bosco, and Emperor Entertainment Group artist Sherman,) chatting with reporters about nightlife. Over the course of the event, many more Hong Kong entertainment figures and celebrities came to party.

Because Cubic’s owners are veterans of Hong Kong’s nightlife scene, the opening brought forth many familiar faces. In addition to the Hong Kong contingent, Macau club goers had obviously heard about the opening and turned up to give the place a look. As the night wore on, more and more people kept showing up.


D.J. Ulysses, one of the regular d.j.s at Dragon-i, had the dancefloor rocking from midnight until 4am.


Occasionally an M.C. got on the microphone and gave live shouts to the crowd. By the time I left it was around 5 am. The vibe was great and people were still having fun dancing.

[photopress:Macau_ktv_kara_ok_Cubic.jpg,full,pp_image] O.K. sharp-eyed Hong Kong Hustle readers, what’s wrong with this picture? (Hint, I hope she bought the shirt on sale!)

My only problem occurred when leaving… no Tsui Wah restaurant for a late night snack!

Luckily we managed to find a good substitute!


Club Cubic address:
Room 202, 2/F, AIA Tower, Nos. 251A-301 Avendia Commercial De Macau

[photopress:Cubic_club_night_Macau_Chin.jpg,full,pp_image] High, high ceilings!

[photopress:Macau_ktv_karaoke_club_Cubi.jpg,full,pp_image] Dancers on the stage


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