Bvlgari show at the Western Market

Start of the Bvlgari show at Western Market

I attended a Bvlgari event a few weeks ago. After the d.j. played for an hour, the fashion show commenced, followed by a party featuring the famous U.K. d.j. Judge Jules. The venue for the event is one of the few old buildings left in Hong Kong. It’s called the Western Market and it’s located in the Sheung Wan neighborhood of Hong Kong Island. It’s a large building with a great hall at the top. People rent out the top floor for events. It’s an elegant looking open space with balconies, high ceilings and a set of large chandeliers.

The crowd watching the show

The turnout was strong, and the d.j. played a variety of old soul originals and jazzy new music for the pre-party.

Looking down from the balcony

After the fashion show Judge Jules began his set, but his choice of music was very commercial house, and didn’t really excite the crowd. Hong Kong crowds – especially at fashion events, are very difficult to get moving, and once you lose them, they’re difficult to capture (no matter how much champagne they drink!)

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