Moussy Fashion Show

At the beginning of the runway.

Friday was a busy night for me. I got invited to two major events. The first was a fashion show for the Japanese brand Moussy. I’ve been told that it’s a top brand in Japan right now. They are expanding to Hong Kong, and this event was both a fashion show and a celebration of the launch of their flagship store here. It was held in a large restaurant in IFC2 called Cuisine Cuisine.

The venue is divided into a series of large rooms, but it filled up quickly! Moussy’s local partner is DMOP, one of the top upscale retailers. The guys from DMOP have a large network of friends and I knew this would be a big party.

Watching the show...

The elevated runway erected in the main room featured a number of evenly spaced poles (strip club style.) The large venue was packed when the show began. There was a Western cowboy theme, and the first model sported chaps. The models would walk down the runway, stop at the end and then come back to dance at one or more of the poles. The capacity crowd was rowdy, cheering when the models danced at the poles.

Pole dancing on the runway!

Walking the walk!

Up the stairs and onto the runway...

The finale...

During the show I hung out with my friend Carrie, herself a famous model in Hong Kong. It was cool to get her comments as we watched the show together. Here’s Carrie near the entrance to the party. Click to see a bigger view.

Carrie holding up the wall at the Moussy show

After the show finished, the party began. I was walking from room to room bumping into friends. I was also trying to pace myself because at midnight I was headed to Happy Valley to a new club called Adrenalin to celebrate the two-year anniversary of CLOT.

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