Tikitiki Bowling bar – Disco bowling comes to Hong Kong!

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Forget about celebrity chefs, artisan drinks, and the latest dessert craze, the quality of life in Hong Kong has just gone up a notch with the opening of Tikitiki Bowling Bar.

A combination tiki bar and bowling alley, the ten-lane venue isn’t something your grandma would recognize.

hk bowling alley disco tiki bar sai kung

Don’t let the name, or the tikis at the entrance fool you, though bowling is an ancient sport, this is definitely a bowling alley from the future.

tiki tiki bowling bar hong kong hk disco bowl

For purists, you know, the ones with the arm brace and their own shoes, maybe this place isn’t for you. For the casual bowler, or those of you who “play better after a few drinks,” this is your kind of spot!

With bars on either side and an outdoor area, TikiTiki is wisely designed and smartly segmented into several sections. There’s a small stage to the right where a live band might play, along with a good-sized bar and seats for people to snack or drink.

bowling alley tiki bar hk disco

Although the whole tiki concept is kitschy, the theme here never goes totally overboard. The technology that plays a central role in the bowling alley keeps it from having an overall retro feel.

Walking inside, the first thing you notice is that the alley is dimly lit, which makes the neon pins and video screens jump out at the end of the ten lanes.

hong kong bowling alley disco hk
Along the base of the lanes are large video screens

As you bowl, a video DJ plays an assortment of Pop, Hip Hop and R&B songs, while the corresponding videos get mixed and scratched on the screens. This is disco bowling 2.0!

It can be distracting at first, but you get used to it quickly and it helps to build up the party atmosphere of the place. The bass even vibrates the floor slightly – which may or may not come in handy as the pins wobble about precariously during your turn.

Prices are currently at $300 HKD per hour for a lane. You go to the reception desk as you enter and tell them you want a lane and for how many people (or hours). Shoes are included in the price and it’s sort of a self-serve operation – you look for your size and grab a pair.

Once time starts ticking, you can likely play two games with four people if you go swiftly. The ball return is faster than normal here, and it keeps the game moving smoothly even for those who bring their own ball.

The in-house bowling balls are kept at the back and there is a wide assortment of weights to choose from. Everything inside is new, and the scoring system and machines don’t suffer from the same glitches as other bowling alleys in H.K.

disco bowling hk hong kong tiki bar
Game over!

Another thing you notice that differentiates it from other alleys is that there are no plastic chairs here. The tables and chairs for the lanes are all in a weathered multi-colored wood, which is contemporary, but warm, and helps keep the place from being cheesy.

disco bowling hong kong hk tiki

The kitchen hasn’t opened yet, but there will soon be food available as well. The bars feature several specialty drinks such as ‘The Flaming Zombie’ to coincide with the theme.

We visited on a Monday night at around 8:30pm and had the place nearly to ourselves. You can bet that won’t last long as word gets out. Tiki Tiki Bowl just opened over the past weekend. As we played, more and more people began to arrive.

Tikitki Bowling Bar is located on the main road heading into Sai Kung. Just look for the neon bowling sign hanging on the right side of a building as you’re coming along Hiram’s Highway from Kowloon. There’s also a Fusion supermarket located in the same building. It’s just a few minutes before you get to Sai Kung town center.

tikitiki hk bowling alley bar sai kung

Tikitiki Bowling Bar is a welcome addition to the decreasing bowling landscape in Hong Kong. Over the last ten years, many of Hong Kong’s bowling alleys have closed down. You can read about a few of the former places in our post from 2008: Bowling in Hong Kong.

Although it’s not exactly close for people coming from Hong Kong Island, the bowling alley serves as a destination point and provides a very good pay off.


Tikitiki Bowling Bar

4/F Centro
1A Chui Tong Road (just off of Hiram’s Highway)
Sai Kung, New Territories

Open from 5pm until late
Call for more info: 2657-8488

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