True Skool anniversary feat. Reggae singer Million Stylez!

million stylez true skool anniversary

Reggae singer Million Stylez is headlining True Skool’s third anniversary party on Saturday, October 13th. The monthly event has been covered extensively on Hong Kong Hustle, and is one of the best nightlife experiences in town.

Although Million Stylez has toured around the world, October the 13th will mark his first appearance ever in Hong Kong. Saturday’s party will present partygoers with an opportunity to hear a seasoned Reggae singer do his thing live.

For a taste of Million Stylez’ music, check out the following:

If you’ve never attended a party with a live Reggae vocalist, it’s a non-stop affair with constant interludes of singing. Dancehall vocalists typically shine in creating on-the-spot freestyle versions of their songs. You can expect something like the video below on the night of the anniversary.

Taking over the Pier 7 Bar & Cafe, on the third floor above Star Ferry in Central, the party has a secret weapon in the form of a large outdoor rooftop. The DJs are usually set up in the far end, offering guests a big dancefloor, with an amazing view of Hong Kong’s skyline as a backdrop.

In contrast to many nightspots in the city, True Skool’s parties have a fun, relaxed feel. There have been many magical moments over the last three years. (How many other parties have you been to where people continue to dance non-stop even in the rain?)

The combination of great music, unique venue, friendly vibe, and an enthusiastic, diverse crowd, make it one of the best nights out in the city.


True Skool’s 3rd anniversary featuring Million Stylez

Backed by DJ Prince, and supported by Manlogik and Shabaga soundsytems
Also featuring DJ Gruv and DJ Christian
Saturday, October 13th, 2012
Pier No. 7 Bar & Cafe
3rd floor, Star Ferry Pier number 7 (one floor above Watermark)
Central, Hong Kong

From 10:30 til late!

Tickets are available at Pier No.7 Bar & Cafe from 11am to 12pm, for $220 HKD in advance (cash only,) or $280 at the door

For more information call 852 2167-8377, or email [email protected]

Free True Skool necklace for the first 100 guests!

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