Deep Anger boutique on On Lan Street

Crowd outside the Deep Anger shop

Last week I attended the launch of a new line by Deep Anger, a boutique jewellery and fashion brand in Central. The Deep Anger shop is tucked into On Lan Street, a slightly hidden locale in the heart of Central. On Lan Street is also home to D-Mop, a high-end fashion retailer, and the location of Martin Margiela’s first shop in Hong Kong.

The sign for On Lan Street

The man behind Deep Anger is Ben Chan. He’s extremely creative and hands-on, designing everything in his shop from the clothing to the jewellery, to the interesting cases and fixtures throughout the space. If I had to describe the Deep Anger style I’d say it’s half attitude and half elegance – think Rock singers and film stars as the clientele.

Ben of Deep Anger

Ben’s also a fixture on Hong Kong’s nightlife scene, and his party was a who’s who of sorts, featuring many local celebrities and a large number of friends he’s made over the years – including me! The vibe was warm with none of the hyperbole typical of mainstream brand events.

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