The Rock Candy Jewelery shop opening

On my way to Nadia’s art exhibit the other night I passed by the Rock Candy shop that was about to open a few hours later. I was planning on heading there after the art show. As I walked by they were still putting the final touches on the red carpet and a few of the other special features that accompany a gala opening night.

I saw what I thought was a pole for a dancer in the front window. It made sense – Rock Candy is a bad-boy, contemporary jewelery shop that specializes in diamonds. Sure enough, when I came back there was a dancer doing her thing! A few friends of mine teamed up to launch this shop and collection. I had a chance to check it out later in the night, and it was a fun party. They decorated the space well, and the branding is very solid. The collection was just right for a first outing.

Dancing pole?!

Partners in crime - the Rock Candy crew


  • would like to the website of rock candy HK, please reply soonest thank you. Tried man attempts to open but failed..

  • Hi Edward,

    I wasn’t able to locate a site for them on my first attempt either. I’m sure there will be more information on them soon as they are soon launching a Rock Candy fashion brand. I’ll keep you posted!

  • Hi…i wasnt able to open the rock candy website either. it only has the top of female wearing jewelery. any other suggestions?

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