Natalia Brilli, the alchemist


“Been a long time since I Rock ‘N’ Rolled!”

Alchemists once sought unsuccessfully to turn ordinary materials into precious ones. The idea was to take something like common lead and make it into gold. Viewing a sample of Natalia Brilli’s accessories last week, I was struck at how she manages a similar formula – and succeeds.

The artist / designer takes common, everyday objects: a matchbook, a wallet, a passport case, etc. and transforms them into something precious.

Natalia Brilli has taken her formula and created an entire line of cool, witty products.


Rather than stop at one brilliant accessory, (such as her passport holder above,) the designer carefully expanded. This strategy maintains the dignity of her concept and protects her from copycat designers who could knock-off her approach with inferior takes.

The main riff in this collection is embossed outlines of the objects that the accessories contain. Examples include the passport holder, a wallet, and a laptop case. There are other pieces as well, all in the same black and silver leather. In some cases the items appeared almost dipped in leather!

[photopress:Natalia_Brilli_jewelry_neck.jpg,full,pp_image] Matchbook holders in silver and black leather, as well as a pill case pendant

As far as her interesting imprint technique, the closest I’ve seen to a similar approach is used with denim to make jeans look as though they were worn countless times with the same wallet or pack of smokes in the pocket. I would definitely identify her line as something different and unique.

During the event, someone made a remark to me about the price being high. I disagree. You have to keep in mind that these products are limited edition art. Natalia Brilli isn’t a major luxury goods manufacturer with massive world-wide distribution, but someone on the intersection of fashion, art and design. Unlike the major houses of luxury, you can’t buy her products everywhere in the world. We sometimes forget that Hong Kong has access to things that are available only in a handful of cities.

The reception, which Natalia Brilli attended, was held at the On Peddar store in Central.


The turnout was strong in part because it was also a collaboration show with Rock Candy, the Hong Kong jeweler company that I’ve previously covered. Rock Candy’s collection keeps expanding. They now have a silver line, in addition to gold, and their well known diamond pieces. One section of the On Pedder store featured an alcove dedicated to their work.


Intimate events like this provide a good way to increase quality foot traffic as well as gain word-of-mouth about products and the store. Along with a few guests I talked to, I was impressed with On Pedder’s selections. On top of the Natalia Brilli and Rock Candy offerings, there were distinct pieces scattered throughout the shop.

If you’re looking for high-end accessories, shoes, and non-traditional jewelry that borders on art, On Pedder is worth a look.

Natalia Brilli
On Pedder
G/F, Wheelock House, 20 On Pedder Street
Central, Hong Kong
Phone: 2118-3388


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