Indulge in a Hong Kong winter classic!



When the weather gets cold in Hong Kong, one positive is that a few local delicacies become available to help ward off the chill. Perhaps the most ubiquitous of these winter remedies is something very simple – a hot Vitasoy soy milk.

Pass by most 7-11’s or Circle-K convenience stores and you’ll see a squat metal container normally with a Vitasoy logo on it. To get yourself a drink (or see if they have any left,) you lift the top and peer down.


Inside you should see a line-up of bottles warming gently in hot water. Sometimes there’s a towel on top where you can dry the bottle after pulling it out from the tank.


There are typically two flavors of soy milk to choose from – original flavor, and malted. Both are equally delicious!

The nice thing here is not just the drink – it’s also the bottle. Holding the warm glass bottle in your hands helps heat you up almost as much as the drink inside!

At the checkout counter they will ask you whether you want it opened or not. (The bottle has a pop-top that you need an opener for.)


Priced at $6.5 HKD per bottle, a warm Vitasoy is a tasty, inexpensive weapon to help fight the Hong Kong winter cold.


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  • Oooh I love these. AND, bonus, the glass bottles, are eco-friendly as they are collected and re-used/recycled. Just leave them at the counter after you gulp down your drink. 🙂

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