What’s a Clockenflap?


Clockenflap is the name of a new multimedia arts and music festival in Hong Kong. The one-day program is set to be held for the first time on Saturday, January 12th at the Cyberport in Pok Fu Lam. The event features a lengthy list of local and British talent. The categories include: film and animation, d.j.s, m.c.s, installation artists and live bands.

The festival is a combination indoor and outdoor event, making use of one of the few public patches of grass in Hong Kong. With the absence of music festival Rockit this year, Clockenflap arrives at a good time. To view the extensive line-up and learn where you can purchase tickets, check out the Clockenflap website here.


  • Clockenflap rocked – how did everyone else enjoy it?

    Highlights for me were Young Knives, Snoblind, Kid Carpet and Uptown Rockers.

    What else was good about it? The space. The vibe. The dancing. Old friends. New friends. Inspiring stuff.

  • I’m jealous! I didn’t get a chance to go. The weather couldn’t have been better either. I heard it was cool. Looking forward to hearing more about it and seeing photos!

  • Yeah I just really appreciated the chance to discover music. Places like insomnia in HK can be fun but really nothing can beat original stuff.

    Appreciated your low-down on Uptown Rockers, have been trying to find more info on their music and gigs

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