Face recognition at HALO – H.K.’s newest bouncer?

halo hong kong hk bar lounge face recognition

halo hong kong hk bar lounge face recognition

Imagine walking up to the newest hot-spot and instead of being greeted or (in some cases,) intimidated by the burly bouncer, you simply look into a small monitor tucked neatly into a wall. As you gaze down, following the instructions on a small screen, a computer instantly analyzes your face, and decides whether to authorize entry – thereby sliding the door open, or reject you.

This is the technology in place at the entrance of HALO, a brand new ultra-exclusive lounge located slightly off of the main nightlife area in Hong Kong’s Central neighborhood.

The same people that opened the popular, yet exclusive Hong Kong clubs FLY, and later VOLAR, have teamed up again to create HALO. After visiting a few times, I’d have to say that it’s the most well-designed entry to the nightlife scene since Dragon-i opened four years ago.


The use of face recognition is just one of many features of HALO that make it an exciting new place to explore. To begin with, the entrance-way is grand for a basement location, with a monogramed carpet leading you down a wide staircase to face a large video display.

The space is smartly divided into a series of rooms, with the bar making up the nucleus on either side. The decor varies room by room, however it holds together well, and the place maintains a sophisticated, contemporary vibe. International party-goers used to frequenting interesting spaces will find themselves immediately at home. Music lovers will also find HALO an oasis, since the focus is more lounge than mainstream club music, leaving the d.j.s space to play a greater range of genres.