Joe Clausell at Dragon-i, Uptown Rockers at Yumla


Saturday was another busy night and I was feeling a little under the weather. After playing at Volar I still managed to catch New York House D.J. Joe Clausell at Dragon-i and the Uptown Rockers at Yumla.

Joe Clausell was back at Dragon-i for his second appearance. This time around he was going berserk with the equalizer, constantly remixing the highs and lows of each song on the go. I’ve actually never seen someone move so fast twisting the e.q.s with that kind of dexterity and passion. It was almost as if he was dancing with the mixer! The music he played was soulful house, much better than the garden variety often served up by other big-name d.j.s. Dragon-i was not only treated to world class song selection but an energetic and uncommon mixing performance.


I had forgotten that my friends the Uptown Rockers were spinning at Yumla on Saturday night. People go crazy when these guys play. The Uptown Rockers are made up of three people Drafus (El Kabong) Sean (the Prawn) and Simon Pang.


These guys spend a significant amount of time staying on top of what’s happening with music at this very moment. Their sets typically combine a great mixture of genres and take you on a trip (as the best d.j.s often do.) The three of them are experienced d.j.s and longtime music lovers. Each of them has their own style and they weave together Rock, Hip Hop and several decades of dance music expertly. Their deep knowledge and enthusiasm for music is revealed when they play.

The Uptown Rockers do an excellent job of channeling energy from their song selections to the crowd. The trio is one of the few local d.j. acts that can hold its own internationally. Check out some photos of their performance at the ROCKIT outdoor music festival in 2005 here.

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