Temple Street Night Market

Beginning of the market, near Jordan Rd

Last weekend I was showing around some friends and I took them to the Temple Street Night Market that begins in Jordan and ends in the Yaumatei neighborhood of Kowloon. The night market is a must for tourists. It’s easily accessible by taking the MTR to Jordan station and walking a few blocks west on Jordan Road until it intersects with Temple Street. The market consists of several blocks with stalls forming a corridor in the center of the street. You walk through the narrow space between stalls and check out the merchandise.

Shoppers at the night market

For sale you can find souvenirs, weird gadgets, action figures, some knock-off products, small home necessities, clothing and many other things. At the middle of the market there are scores of fortune tellers who sits at small tables and peddle their services. The end segment close to the Yaumatei MTR station has more stalls set up selling “antiques” as well as food stalls and even more gadgets.

Near the beginning of the market, I discovered a CD shop called HIP HOP that has an excellent selection of CDs. Although I’m not much of a CD person (I prefer vinyl,) the selection of music was much better than other shops I’ve seen in H.K., with very cheap prices. There were many special Japan releases of CDs, and an especially good selection of Hip Hop, Dancehall, and Soul music. The address is: 179A Temple Street.

HIP HOP cd shop at 179 Temple Street

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