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go skateboarding day hong kong hk 2014

hong kong go skateboarding skateboard day hk 2014

UPDATE: Postponed until Saturday, the 28th, due to rain

They all skateboard! The annual Go Skateboarding Day is set to take place in Hong Kong on Saturday, June 28th. Each year the city’s skaters join together to skate, compete, and celebrate the unique community of skateboarding.

Go Skateboarding Day is also a time when brands give back to the community, giving away prizes and sponsoring food and drinks for the city’s skaters at several spots.

This year the event begins at the Morrison Hill Road Playground at 11am, before heading over to the brand new Tsueng Kwan O Skatepark at 2pm. (See address info at bottom)

Skate and Create?

go skateboard day hong kong hk skateboarding 2014
Above is the ramp painted by artist L1ES at the former Six Keyz space

Perhaps because it has no rules, skateboarding attracts creative types. Local skaters in Hong Kong include musician / artist Prodip Leung (from L.M.F.,) painter Simon Birch – who even had a half pipe installed at his art exhibition, and movie stars Daniel Wu and Sam Lee.

Skateboarding is a part of youth culture and has deep ties to music, art, and fashion.

24HERBS member JBS is the founder of influential skate shop 8FIVE2, and one of the pillars of Hong Kong’s skateboard community.

Have a look at the video promo for Go Skateboarding Day put together by local skaters.

Skateboarding is inclusive in that it’s enjoyable by all ages and abilities.

Even if you’re not into tricks, it’s fun just to cruise around on a board. That feeling is deftly captured in a new short film titled “Keep On Pushin'” by Ricki Bedenbaugh.

If you want to see a collection of hilarious photos and videos of celebs skating (everyone from Katherine Hepburn and Chuck Norris, to Chris Brown,) check out this article.

Happy Go Skateboarding Day everyone!

Go Skateboarding Day Hong Kong 2014

presented by X-Fed & AHKSA
11am Morrison Hill Road Playground (near Oi Kwan Road and Sung Tak Street)
2pm Tseung Kwan O Skatepark (inside Tseung Kwan O Town Park, take exit A2 from Hang Hau MTR station)

Cash prizes and product giveaways. Free food and drinks. Event ends at 7pm.

go skateboarding day hong kong hk skateboard shop store 8five2

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