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absor[bed] art exhibit show hong kong hk xxx gallery

ABSOR[BED] – a group exhibition

The new XXX, which is located in a basement further out towards Kennedy Town, is hosting a multimedia art exhibit called ABSOR[BED] on Thursday, August 22nd.

hajime sorayama art image aishonanzuka gallery hk hong kong exhibit

Retro-future and the art of Hajime Sorayama

What is it about the artwork of Hajime Sorayama that attracted the likes of George Lucas, Aerosmith, Sony, and Bape? The AISHONANZUKA Gallery is presenting a solo show by the artist on Saturday, September 7th.

hong kong urban fragment art exhibit hk jccac abandoned

Abandoned – an exhibit of H.K.’s forgotten places!

A group of friends have been meeting every weekend to explore a hidden part of Hong Kong’s past. The culmination of their trips is a photography and mixed media exhibition titled “Abandoned.”

graffiti wall of fame mongkok hong kong kowloon hk

Mongkok’s Graffiti Wall of Fame!

Hidden from the bustling pedestrian traffic along Mongkok’s Argyle Street is a secret alleyway filled with extraordinary graffiti pieces.

bead store arts and crafts hong kong hk

Get Your Craft On! (It’s not candy!)

This is the closest to Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory you will ever come! Stepping inside the Tao Yuan bead store, you enter a colorful wonderland filled with every sort of bead imaginable.

work in progress hong kong street art hk exhibit show

Large-scale street art show dazzles!

Guests attending the opening night of Work In Progress, a new street art exhibit that debuted on Friday, were immediately wowed by the scale of the art and the size of the space.

eric haze fingercroxx hk hong kong store

The legend returns! Eric HAZE!

In town for his new collaboration with Fingercroxx, Eric Haze gave a quick demonstration of what originally made him famous!

art basel hong kong 2013 china

Hong Kong has arrived!

Thinking of Hong Kong as an art capital just ten short years ago would have been laughable, but today, it’s a reality that’s hard to deny.

simon birch hooligan hong kong art hk ben brown fine arts gallery exhibit

Simon Birch’s “Hooligan”

Simon Birch, one of our favorite Hong Kong artists, is opening a new exhibit titled Hooligan on Wednesday, April 10th at Ben Brown Fine Arts.

8 Women / 8 Stories exhibition, Friday!

In a salute to International Women’s Day, the Sundaram Tagore Gallery is opening a group exhibition titled 8 Women / 8 Stories on Friday, March 8th.

andy warhol hong kong 15 minutes eternal exhibit hk

Andy Warhol – 15 Minutes Eternal

Is there more to Andy Warhol than Campbell’s soup, Chairman Mao, and Marilyn Monroe? The answer can be found at a major new exhibition…

takashi murakami gagosian gallery flowers and skulls hong kong

Takashi Murakami Flowers & Skulls

There’s been much speculation in Hong Kong over when a Takashi Murakami exhibition would take place, as the artist has been spotted at the Gagosian gallery frequently over the past two years. So with all the anticipation, it’s not surprising that on November 29th, the launch of Flowers & Skulls was packed!

shadows audrey kawasaki above second gallery hk

LAX/HKG group show at Above Second

Los Angeles art gallery Thinkspace is curating a new show titled LAX/HKG that opens at Above Second on Friday, November 16th. The group exhibition includes artwork by Amy Sol, Audrey Kawasaki, Brian Viveros, Dabs Myla, Esao Andrews, Joao Ruas, Linnea Strid, and Yosuke Ueno.

catflap jay forster calvin ho art exhibit the space hong kong gallery hk

Catflap art exhibition – opens Friday!

For well over a decade, Jay Forster and Calvin Ho have been well known figures in Hong Kong, contributing to the city’s design and…

mark goss art mass exhibit hong kong artist residence gallery hk

Mark Goss – Mass / Hong Kong

British artist Mark Goss opens his debut show in Hong Kong this Thursday, October 25th, at the Artist Residence gallery in Sai Ying Pun….

fab 5 freddy kung fu wildstyle art hong kong hk mc yan china

Fab 5 Freddy + M.C. Yan = Kung Fu Wildstyle!

Fab 5 Freddy, a pivotal figure in the history of Hip Hop, will be in Hong Kong to take part in two special events on October 19th and 20th. On October 19th, he will preside over a screening of Wildstyle, a movie that, to this day, serves as the most accurate depiction of Hip Hop culture at its birth.

russian dream polina shubkina models hong kong

Russian models exposed in ‘Russian Dream’

Photographer Polina Shubkina opens her new show, Russian Dream, on Thursday, September 6th, at the Artist Residence Gallery in Sai Ying Pun. The exhibit…

portland street xeme sinic graffiti art

Red-light district as art inspiration?

Local graffiti artists Xeme and Sinic took the colorful signs of Hong Kong’s red-light district as inspiration for their new exhibition titled Portland Street,…

get freaky above second gallery

Above Second’s “Get Freaky”

After several solo shows, Above Second Gallery is going back to their roots with a large group exhibition titled “Get Freaky.” Curated by Supertexte…

Who sent KAWS flowers?

In Hong Kong you can tell a lot about an event or opening by who sends flowers. The custom is a way of showing…

Liberatum Festival – begins Friday!

Hong Kong’s interest in the arts has risen dramatically over the past ten years. This weekend, the city will host Liberatum, a festival dedicated…


Meggs – Journey is the Reward

Australian artist Meggs is back at Above Second gallery with a solo show titled “Journey is the Reward.” The artist’s work features iconography heavily…


Gagosian challenges H.K.’s lack of sculpture

John Chamberlain, Piquanteagle, 2009 The fact that Hong Kong’s art galleries are often as pressed for space as the city’s apartments, has resulted in…